The Ancient Stadium of Philippopolis

2012 / CD cover 

The project "The Ancient Stadium of Philippopolis - Preservation, Rehabilitation and Urban Renewal" is realized with the support of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism. Its main objective is to reveal the role of the Ancient Stadium as a resource for sustainable development and to improve the quality of the urban environment in the historical centre of the city of Plovdiv.

Design for a bilingual DVD cover as part of the promotional materials for the Stadium. The navigation between the two languages (Bulgarian Cyrillic and English) is acheaved through layout and color – Bulgarian Cyrillic is printed with black and the Latin is printed with blue Pantone 281. 

The DVD package has three panels and two flaps. Two maps visualize the position of the stadium nowadays and during II c. CE. On the right panel are shown stages of the stadium's reconstruction.

The DVD itself represents exact plan of the first seven marble seats of the rounded excavated part of the stadium, called 'sfendona'.